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Also because you build up a certain Belgium Phone Number List value and history in the search engines faster. SEO differences between the Netherlands and Germany I did a little research on twenty highly competitive keywords in the Belgium Phone Number List German and Dutch market. And I compared the top 10 results for each keyword in terms of backlinks, content and page speed. The Netherlands Germany Belgium Phone Number List keyword Volume (Ahrefs) keyword Volume (Ahrefs) car insurance 61k car version 97k sneakers 45k sneaker 25k borrow money 33k lead money 7.8k order.

Food 29k order ash 64k Belgium Phone Number List mortgage 26k mortgage 9.3k second hand car 24k food truck 426k garden shed 14k garden house 111k houseplants 18k zimmerpflanzen 49k shaver 16k rasierer 20k vibrator 14k Belgium Phone Number List vibrator 31k couch 13k sofa 89k children’s clothing 11k children’s clothing 10k phone subscription 11k handy delay 16k airline ticket 11k flight ticket 32k crypto 11k crypto 7.2k toys 11k play sow 27k ERP system 5k ERP system 30k condom 4.9k condom 13k hosting 3.8k web Belgium Phone Number List hosting 8.5k painter 3.6k grinder 14k Laptop 69k Laptop 188k If you look at the results in Germany and the Netherlands, there are clear differences.

The first difference Belgium Phone Number List is that Germans often build fewer links to their pages on highly competitive keywords compared to Dutch. See also the table below which shows that on average Germans have Belgium Phone Number List almost 100 fewer links to their landing pages. The Netherlands Germany Average number of links 457 Average number of links 352 Average amount of content on page 2053 Average amount of content on page 2209 Pagespeed average mobile 40 Pagespeed average Belgium Phone Number List mobile 36.7 Pagespeed average desktop 73.3 Pagespeed average desktop 67.9 In terms of content strategy, in many cases they are further ahead in Germany than in the Netherlands.

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